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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For those of you who packed on the pounds during Thanksgiving, fret no more... Today, I present you with an early Christmas gift.. We'll call it the INSTANT SLIMMER tote! You can thank me later! Lol.

This graphic-illusion tote from Mollaspace emphasizes how an exceptional design can take an accessory to the next level. Is this a cute idea or what? Am I the only person thinking that? I can't be. It's available in pink (as pictured), black (as pictured), kiwi green, blue and white. It's priced at $45.. *blank stare* 

Umm.. I like this tote but I don't know if you are getting the most bang for your buck... Don't get me wrong, I'm known to splurge. I've spent hundreds of thousands on shoes and bags but by all accounts, this is a CANVAS tote.. Not leather.. not pony hair... not ostrich.. not snakeskin.. It's canvas. *scratches head* AND on top of that, it's only 1 screen.. A basic screen.. not a foil screen.. not a glitter screen.. no embroidered sequins.. no studs.. no heat transfer stones.. Nothing. Lol. However, I can't deny the cuteness that is this bag! If it goes on sale, I'd definitely cop it.. but at its current retail price, I'll admire it from afar..

Nevertheless, if you deem this tote a MUST HAVE, it can be yours by clicking here. Oh and while you're there, pick me one up in pink.. Heyyyyy, it ain't tricking if you got it! Haha..

Enjoy your Monday lovelies! :o)

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