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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The cold weather is really just starting to emerge on the scene and yet.. here lies Spring 2012 ads. Wait.. can I just enjoy my boots, sweaters and scarves without being forced to focus on Spring looks and Summer trends.. *deep sigh* Mmmm.. I guess not.

Welp.. Versace has released it's Spring 2012 ad. If you follow us on FB and Twitter, you know that I've shared a few of the other campaigns but this is the first that I have chosen to feature on our blog. This campaign was photographed in the California desert by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. The ad is bright, striped and screams Versace. It features supermodel, Gisele, who is looker uber hot to be a mommy of two! Can I look like that after I give birth? #JustSayin

In looking at the campaign, it is reasonable to conclude that Versace will be all about circle studs and gold hardware for Spring. This influence will be displayed on handbags, shoes and apparel. The shoes are still looking very structured in its design detail.. which is just a carryover from last season. What are your thoughts on the campaign? Are you excited about the Versace looks?

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