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Friday, December 31, 2010


I believe it was Shakespeare who wrote: Parting is such sweet sorrow... As we say goodbye to 2010, we say goodbye to many things and resolve to do others in 2011. However, as the Chief Fashion Officer of KEMISTRE, it would be remiss of me to go without sharing the real STYLE STARS of 2010! So here they are.. with their own personal style, working a look as only they can.. uncut, unedited & unadulterated.. I present to you the Best Dressed of 2010!

Who were your favorites were for 2010! Name your style star. Did they make the list?

Thursday, December 30, 2010


THEIR PRICE - $69.95

OUR PRICE - $28.00

At KEMISTRE, we provide the high end look WITHOUT the high end price!

Rain boots with the knit warmer at the shaft is one of the HOTTEST trends! I, personally, love it! It's great for this time of the year because it adds EXTRA warmth to your legs, all while updating the look of  your rain boot. If you shop with "them".. the 'Kamik Kelly' rain boot is going to run you $70! Ouch! At KEMISTRE, our rain boot, BROOKE, has the same knit warmer ANDDD it laces up for only $28! Yes, you heard me correctly.. $28!!!

The boot is a DEEP BLACK but we lightened the picture so that you can see the detail of the shoe. We also slightly pulled the warmer back so that you can see the full lace detail on the boot. BROOKE is available on our site beginning THIS SATURDAY - Jan. 1st! I recommend that you order your pair QUICKLY because I have a feeling these boots will not last long! 

Sidenote: I don't usually give confessionals BUT I gave my mom a pair of these for Christmas. She wore them earlier in the week and received so many compliments on her boot throughout the day! I loved them so much on her that I pulled a pair for myself and let me just say, these are some of THE most comfortable boots that I have ever slipped onto my feet!

Get your pair of BROOKE's at for only $28.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010



As the New Year is quickly approaching many will be celebrating in various ways. Hopefully, in style! At least, that is what I recommend. Italian designer, Le Silla, has rocked the shoe world with this glittered, slouchy, peep-toe bootie! It screams "LOOK AT ME" and that's exactly the message that should be communicated for New Years.

Out with the old.. in with the new.. It is often said that you'll spend the new year the way you begin in it. So, let's start it off right.. with an incredibly HOT shoe on your foot! And while this Le Silla shoe may not be within your means, go out and find a shoe that is a STATEMENT PIECE and make it yours for New Years!

Once the clock strikes 12, all mediocre shoes will melt and only the FAB will be left standing..

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FASHION TIDBITS: The Winter Details

Depending on your geographic location, you're either feeling the extremities of winter or feeling the cooler weather that is synonymous with this time of year. As of now, there is a blizzard happening in New York and while we don't get blizzards in L.A. *pause* Wait.. I can't even remember the last time we had snow.. *resume* it definitely gets a lot chillier during this time!

There is no better time to pull out your fur or faux fur! I've pulled a few runway images from Fashion Week - Fall 2010 and as you can see the details of winter is FUR!!!! There is fur on your boots.. fur handbags.. and fur headgear (not pictured). So as the temperature continues to drop and we lose the warmer weather, make sure you find your fur! 

Stay warm my fabs! 

Monday, December 27, 2010



Monday's can generally go one of two ways.. either things can drive you mad or you just find something that you're mad about! How your Monday unfolds is completely up to you but I'm here to offer you a shoe to be completely mad about!

Pictured above is the Alberto Guardiani 'Lipstick Heel' shoe. It is available in black suede and also black patent leather! This shoe is one of the last jewels of the Italian shoemaker and is a great find for all of you make-up addicts!


This shoe is definitely something to be mad about--even your favorite celebs are mad about them! The 'California Girl' singer herself, Katy Perry, donned Guardiani as she enjoyed a night on the town! While I am loving the shoe.. in NO way do I co-sign that outfit of hers! The blue-eyed leopard top with the pink and maroon extensions SCREAMMMM fashion fail! Luckily, this is a hot shoe and it can carry its own weight! Not to mention, it also carries a price tag of $425 so add it to your list of splurges for 2011 and pair it with something simple. With a shoe like this, there is need for little more!

Happy Monday Shoenista's!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


The entire staff at KEMISTRE would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for following our blog.. Thank you for loving fashion the way we do.. And thank you for giving us a platform to do what we love! It is our sincere hope that love will reign supreme in your homes and that joy, peace and happiness will encompass you and your family this holiday season!

We're also very excited to announce that Santa brought the KEMISTRE team a really great gift! He dropped off a FACE LIFT.. to our twitter account, that is! If you are not following us, you really should be.

Our store offers TWITTER ONLY discounts.. so follow us NOW!

Friday, December 24, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: Red Light Special

As your personal shoe ambassadors, we at KEMISTRE would like to keep you fashionable for the holidays and beyond! As you open gift after gift, make the rounds with family and friends.. we strongly encourage you to give SHINE.. from your shoes, that is! This is the best time of the year to pull out your glitter and studded pumps, platforms and stilettos. Unfortunately, the shoe pictured above isn't available until 2/1 so it won't be available for your Christmas rounds this year.. However, we're giving you a sneak peek because #1: That's what we do and #2: This is a great shoe for Valentine's Day!

Move over Dorothy.. there's a new slipper in town! Rachel Roy has released her own ruby red slipper and let's just say... we're not in Kansas anymore! The 'Kimi' platform is a glitter pump with a pyramid studded heel and it is quite the bargain at $99. It is 4 - 3/4" in height and has a 1" platform. This shoe is available via Rachel Roy online beginning 2/1/11.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


At KEMISTRE we believe in giving back! A proceed of every shoe sold by our company will be donated to

Companies such as Altruette and Bulgari have the same ideas in mind as they give back to the less fortunate and causes bigger than themselves. Altruette's Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet retails for $150. 50% of the proceeds from the charms sold will go to causes ranging from girl's education to global poverty. This charm bracelet can be purchased from

The above Bulgari Sterling Sliver and Ceramic Ring retails for $370 at $70 of the purchase is donated to the organization Save the Children's Foundation.

What great gifts and what a joy to know that you are giving this holiday season to individuals in which you may never encounter? Be a blessing this holiday season and beyond!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Ciara hit the streets of New York with her iron-clad body and the new Tory Burch hiking boots. As I've been telling you, lace up boots are one of the key trends for Fall. I am so loving this shoe! It is a pebble leather workman inspired boot, complete with kiltie details on a 4" stiletto heel and rubber sole. Tory Burch's hiking boot carries a price tag of $425 but can you really put a price on a fab fall boot? I think not! If you want Ciara's star style, you can visit Tory Burch online.  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


While Will Smith is getting jiggy with it.. all of my fly fashionista's are getting fringy with it! Fringe on footwear is a HUGE trend and it's suitable for any occasion, whether casual or formal, fringe can get the job done! I'm having a love affair with the fringe Christian Louboutin's that Kim Kardashian is wearing in the picture above! It also gets better.. fringe isn't reserved exclusively for stilettos, sandals and oxfords. They are prevalent on boots too! Yes, you heard me correctly.. Pocahontas has gone glam! So, the next time you're out shopping and you just want to pick up a fun shoe... be sure to find your way to the fringe's!

My expert advice for finding a great fringe shoe:
  • Don't buy a multi-color fringe shoe. It's just too much! Fringe shoes are best in solid colors.. with one accent color, at best! 
  • Less is more! Make sure your fringe's aren't too long! They should not touch the ground.
  • Fringe looks best around the shaft of a shoe and not the base.. unless it is tiered.

Keep it trendy fabs!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Diane von Furstenberg

So in keeping with my promise to give you fabulous gift ideas UNDER $100.. Today, I present to most--and reintroduce to others--the DVF Sahara bangles. Hand-woven by Zulu wire-weavers in rural South Africa, these multicolored telephone wire bangles from Diane von Furstenberg will bring a tribal touch to every look. Wear them stacked with prints and tan accessories to walk this style right off the runway.

The bangles range from $40-$60 and will surely be a compliment to the shoes and handbags that await under the tree this holiday season.

As an added fashion tidbit, the great thing about multi-colored bracelets that you should know are as follow:
  1. They help to pull an outfit together that has a variety of colors.
  2. They can add a pop of color to a rather mundane and/or monochromatic look.
  3. They are a subtle accent to your ensemble; so if done right, they will never take the focal point from whatever else you may have going on with your look.
Happy Shopping!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I think it is safe to say that Fendi's baguette is a bag that has been a pillar in the handbag community since it's debut in the 90's. It is an iconic bag and has a die-hard cult following, to say the least. We have seen the baguette in different colors, with different hardware, beaded, and printed. We've seen it in leather, canvas, and fur. With shows like Sex & the City, the baguette has quickly become a status symbol.

To no surprise, Fendi is keeping the momentum going with their Fall handbag collection. Their new baguette, Savana, is a shimmery grained leather that has a Fendi medallion magnetic closure with a gold tone and tortoise chain link handle. It is available in a Cognac Brown, Mustard Yellow and Black.

I love this bag and it's a great steal for $935. It may not seem like a steal with respect to most standards but if you know anything about Fendi, then you know that finding a Fendi bag UNDER $1,000 is a major steal!!!

You guys know how I feel about it so now you tell me how you feel about the new Fendi baguette. Do you LOVE or LOATHE?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I don't know about you but when I am running errands across town a bag with easy accessibility to retrieve my keys, makeup, and wallet are a must. Messenger bags with the busyness of the Holiday season are a necessity. Resembling a school girl satchel, these bags can be found in rich black leather as shown above, soft suede, subtle neutrals, or bold colors. Try rocking the messenger with distressed jeans, your favorite long sleeved tee and rugged boots. Sandra Bullock sports three different style options as she rocks her $1,500 designer Lanvin Messenger!


Two powerhouse brands, Ugg and Jimmy Choo, have collaborated to create an exclusive, limited edition collection of boots that are not only functional but singular pieces of art. The collection is very eclectic for Ugg, to say the least. Some of the pieces I am really loving and others, not so much! I have pictured my two faves above!

The 'Mandah' is the Ugg bestseller that has been glamorously made over with gold and silver studs from shaft to toe! The fabric is a black lambskin with a tonal drum-dyed shearling lining. It has some whipstiching accents and piping on the ankle, sides and backstay. The 'Sora' is a soft shearling with tiered fringe panels. It features star shaped studs along the top of the boot and contains the same whipstitching accents as its sister style, Mandah.

This exclsive collection is available online via Ugg's website and Jimmy Choo's website. It is also available at high end retailers nationwide.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Nude pumps are a definite MUST HAVE and for many different reasons. Chief among them, nude pumps make your legs appear longer. They are also complimentary to most styles that you will find in your closet.

J.Lo rocked her Brian Atwood "Donna" nude pumps at a birthday celebration in Miami last week and Rachel Bilson rocked hers to Spike TV's Video Game Awards this past Saturday over at the LA Convention Center. These shoes are in high demand and sold out in most places. Should you be able to get your hands on a pair, be ready to dish out $500 big ones!

Rock on Fabs!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Rain boots are a popular item! More often that not, they are most highly demanded in the Spring depending on your geographical location but rain boots just never go out of style.. they are always here.. always present.. always relevant! They do, however, evolve.. I remember when rain boots were just that.. rain boots! Solid in color, no real fashion appeal! Over the last few years, rain boots have been upgraded by the wonderful world of fashion! We now see polka dot rain boots, argyle rain boots, stripe rain boots.. the patterns are simply endless!

Valentino has produced a lace inspired rain boot, which is pictured above. Is this un-chartered territory? Yes and No. I say "no" only because others, like Chooka, have produced a lace rain boot. Their lace pattern is exploded and feels very random to me. I suppose this is all indicative of the price, which is $60. Nevertheless, I answer "yes" mostly because Valentino is in a league of their own and no other lace rain boot can dare touch this one. From the lace pattern to its placement, from the printed scale to its clean pull-on finish, Valentino is triumphant! The lace wellington boot is going to run you $295 and is available at Neiman Marcus. Whether you can splurge or steal depends on your pocket book but whatever you do, make sure you keep with the trend!

THE TREND: Make a statement with your rain boots! Try a new novely pattern! Leave the polka dots and stripes behind. Transform your wardrobe by adding a great lace to your rain boot!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Dior is a brand that is synonymous with opulence and luxe. Since 1946, the brand has been producing the world's most coveted haute couture pieces and now it appears they are producing vegan shoes. Vegan?? Yes, you heard me correctly! Vegan!

Dior's newest spokesperson is Natalie Portman. She says she went back and forth trying to decide whether to commit. "It definitely was a war inside my head for a long time and, finally, I was like, we can actually do something very positive with this, especially given the kind of company Dior is, which is truly elegant. It's been exactly along the lines of what I had hoped for."

Portman was also pleased that the French fashion and beauty house took into account what's important to her. Portman, who is a vegan, notes that Dior made all of her shoes with no animals and no leather. Kudos to them! I wonder if we'll see vegan shoes by Dior in the marketplace anytime soon? Hmmm...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Chocolate + Shoes

As promised, I've been giving you FABULOUS gift ideas UNDER $100 all month long. My recommendation today is STRICTLY for the chocolate and shoe lover in your life! It will send them into a FRENZY!! What could be better than enjoying your 2 favorite things on the holiday? 

These custom pieces are from Gayle's Chocolate, who's batches are handmade to ensure quality and freshness. They use a high premium cocoa chocolate and natural ingredients to produce an intensely rich chocolate. Each of the high-heeled chocolate shoes comes packaged in a clear plastic purse, and is priced between $40 and $45, while the other chocolate shoe items range in price from $4.50 to $40. For more information on chocolate shoes, or to place an order, be sure to visit

Happy Shopping!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Today's Fab Friday is being brought to you by Christian Louboutin. Let me caution you.. this shoe is not for the timid or meek person! It is for the girl that's ready to make a BOLD statement when she steps out! I happen to be that girl so I'll definitely be heading to Neiman Marcus fairly soon to get my hands on a pair of these!

The Bridget platform pump is from Louboutin's Bridget Strass creation, which falls under the umbrella of his new "Total Madness" collection. It is a mix of delicate, flower-patterned lace juxtaposed with a loud, chunky, blinged out heel! Who else could pull this off without making it look tacky?? Only a few and Louboutin happens to be one of them.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: MAC Sweeps You Off Your FEET!

Love sweeps you off your feet—so do these! The five most-wanted brushes for that perfect application of powder or blush: 129SE, 190SE, 212SE, 227SE and 275SE. Presented in a multi-tartan/black patent shoulder bag with heraldic crest and metal rivets.. LIMITED EDITION.


MAC's Holiday 2010 collection is a tartan tale and a perfect gift to the fashionista in your life. MAC has deemed the collection "a slightly twisted Tartan Tale to celebrate holiday, in all its posh, punk, ancestral, anarchic, noble and naughty glory. Royal and raunchy, colors and patterns collide, fantasies come true, punk fairies take flight with enchanted new looks."

Whatever you do, do it with STYLE!!! The brush sets comes with a cute plaid, mini-satchel. Am I the only having visions of pairing this with another ensemble? The very wearable sets of glosses are on the top of my list (pictured above for $29.50 for a set of five mini lipglasses). Also included in the collection are eye shadows, lip and face kits, brush sets, and of course individual blush, eye, and lip colors. Available at Nordstrom’s, MAC stores and MAC online.

The sets range from $29.50 to $49.50.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today, the Beverly Hills hotel played host to a special breakfast for Women in Entertainment. It was such a great event and numerous people attended to celebrate The Hollywood Reporter's "Power 100: Women in Entertainment". There were tons of celebs there, Helen Mirren was awarded with the Sherry Lansing Leadership award but all of my attention went to Halle Berry!

Ms. Berry rocked a Dolce & Gabbana suit and let me just say.. ladies if you have to wear a suit, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!! She paired it with Gucci pumps. I've noticed that she's choosing to sport Gucci a lot lately. 

THE TREND: Rock a subtle, monochromatic look or earth tone look and then pop it with an animal printed handbag! Make sure your shoes match! Please notice how her cognac Gucci pumps are picking up the same color in the animal print! 




Jimmy Choo has turned 15! Can you believe it? I feel like it was just yesterday that women begin their love affair with Jimmy. In true Choo fashion, the brand has launched The Crystal Anniversary collection, which is called: Project Crystal. Since the traditional 15th anniversary gift is crystal, they created a collection "Crystal Collection" of high voltage evening shoes.

In celebrating our 15 years I wanted to create a modern glamour that stands for the style and imagination of Jimmy Choo. I was inspired by vintage jewelery to add sparkling and luminous details to iconic Jimmy Choo shapes. But these are not the jeweled shoes of the past and instead show jewels in a modern and edgy way. ” Tamara Mellon, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jimmy Choo. 

A crystal deco anklet over a back zipped peep toe combine in CIARA with its curvilinear Mariah heel for an updated take on glamour. While tiny crystal stones are used to cover feminine styles like ZAFIRA a criss-cross, ankle strap platform. Technology and glamour combine in the NIAGRA molded lucite platform. Silver mesh is fused within lucite multiplying the refractive effect lifted up on a 145mm platform heel and a flat version in MONTANA, a transparent Perspex thong with glittering crystal studs scattered across the thong. A more demure take on sensuality is the iconic SAMBA pointy toe pump with a crystal bow, a Jimmy Choo signature graphic, either on an 85mm heel or in RAQUELLE a silver glitter flat pump. For evening shimmer take LANCER, a 120mm platform and LATIFA an 85mm d’orsay with metallic suede hot fix studded sandal in shades of silver, nude and black. Not to be left out of the glamour stakes, the new Jimmy Choo trainer collection features a pumped up high top TOKYO crystal star studded version for all out high voltage sparkle factor.
I would like to send Jimmy Choo a BIG THANK YOU for 15 years of keeping women glamorous. No one does it quite like you. We are eternally thankful! Happy Birthday!

Monday, December 6, 2010



As the holiday approaches, many of you are pondering on what to buy that special woman in your life; albeit.. mother, sister, daughter, best friend, wife or girlfriend.. what do you get her??? At KEMISTRE, we've got you covered! During the next few weeks, I'm devoting several posts to identifying fab gift idea's that are UNDER $100.

Today, our fab gift is the JUICY COUTURE charm bracelet pictured above. It is called LOVE, LUCK & COUTURE! This great piece is only $65 and is available in Juicy stores and online. It embodies fashion, style, glamour and as an added bonus.. it's JUICY COUTURE!!! As a gift, it's subtle enough that you're not over doing it but it's fab enough to say you put some thought into your purchase!

Happy Shopping! 


Fergie rocked this kiwi green Marabou coat last night in London. Let me just first say, I am NOT a fan of the Seasame Street-slash-Big Bird look but I am, however, in LOVE with those Jimmy Choo peep toes that are gracing her feet! This nude number goes by the name 'Ciara' and comes with a matching price tag of $2,995. Ouch!

They are a part of Jimmy Choo's new Project Crystal Collection. According to the house of Choo, this shoe was inspired by vintage jewelery from the 1920s and it summarizes all that Project Crystal is: rich, luxurious and timeless, but at the same time, cool, modern and relevant. This bold design is a masterpiece of Plexiglas engineering.

I've given my input so now you tell me.. do you love or loathe?

Friday, December 3, 2010


SPARKLE. SHIMMER. SHINE. STAND OUT. Your dose of fabulousity is being brought to you by Kurt Geiger. Are these shoes HOT or what??? I figured with the Christmas holiday vastly approaching, I would feature a great shoe that works for all of the holiday parties that will fill your calendar this season. They are available exclusively on KG's site and as an added bonus, they are only $235... that's a great splurge for such an eye catching shoe!

  1. With your favorite LBD and a silver clutch.
  2. With black skinny jeans and a silver charmeuse or silk cutaway top.
  3. With black, fitted tuxedo pants, a white bib top & colorful accessories trimmed in silver.
Happy Friday Fabs!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Red Pump Project - AID'S AWARENESS

If you're in Dallas, please support this World AIDS Day event being hosted by the Dallas ambassadors of The Red Pump Project! SHOE SHOW 2010 Contest and Reception will benefiting A Sister's Gift, a Dallas organization committed to testing and identifying HIV positive females and providing them with resources to enhance and prolong their quality of life.

In advance of the event, guests are invited to decorate a new pair of Red Pumps and enter into a contest. Attendees at the December 1st reception will then select their favorite and the winner takes home a designer messenger bag filled with goodies from local businesses! In addition to the contest voting, attendees can shop with various vendors, enjoy live performances, and even get tested on-site!

For contest rules, entry form and vendor/sponsor/general info, please email or call the Dallas ambassador Shannon Gooden at (832) 660-7399.

Event details are below:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Duval's Penthouse, 1700 Commerce Street 18th Floor (Dallas, TX)
Tickets: $10


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


'Tis the season for boots and bling.. laces and buckles.. and all those wonderful things... 

Any shoenista knows with each fall season, boots will surely make their debut in stores. So, it's never a question of WILL boots be in style but more so a question of WHAT boots will be in style? Is it the wedge boot? The knee high boot? The granny boot? Ohhh.. the questions that plague the fabulous ones! The next question to follow is usually: What's the prominent trend happening on boots? A few weeks ago, I mentioned that buckles are everywhere for this Fall season.. from boots to platforms back to booties. (Refer to my Nov. 9th - BUCKLE UP post)

Well, I can assure you there is no shortage of lace detail on your Fall footwear either! Every designer from discount designers to certifiable couture designers, have some type of lace-up, shoe string detail being offered. You will find boots with laces that line the wall, in any shoe store that you enter. So, the next time you're out shopping and you find the lace up boot in your peripheral.. you just may want to consider getting all tied up!