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Thursday, December 30, 2010


THEIR PRICE - $69.95

OUR PRICE - $28.00

At KEMISTRE, we provide the high end look WITHOUT the high end price!

Rain boots with the knit warmer at the shaft is one of the HOTTEST trends! I, personally, love it! It's great for this time of the year because it adds EXTRA warmth to your legs, all while updating the look of  your rain boot. If you shop with "them".. the 'Kamik Kelly' rain boot is going to run you $70! Ouch! At KEMISTRE, our rain boot, BROOKE, has the same knit warmer ANDDD it laces up for only $28! Yes, you heard me correctly.. $28!!!

The boot is a DEEP BLACK but we lightened the picture so that you can see the detail of the shoe. We also slightly pulled the warmer back so that you can see the full lace detail on the boot. BROOKE is available on our site beginning THIS SATURDAY - Jan. 1st! I recommend that you order your pair QUICKLY because I have a feeling these boots will not last long! 

Sidenote: I don't usually give confessionals BUT I gave my mom a pair of these for Christmas. She wore them earlier in the week and received so many compliments on her boot throughout the day! I loved them so much on her that I pulled a pair for myself and let me just say, these are some of THE most comfortable boots that I have ever slipped onto my feet!

Get your pair of BROOKE's at for only $28.

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