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Monday, December 13, 2010


Dior is a brand that is synonymous with opulence and luxe. Since 1946, the brand has been producing the world's most coveted haute couture pieces and now it appears they are producing vegan shoes. Vegan?? Yes, you heard me correctly! Vegan!

Dior's newest spokesperson is Natalie Portman. She says she went back and forth trying to decide whether to commit. "It definitely was a war inside my head for a long time and, finally, I was like, we can actually do something very positive with this, especially given the kind of company Dior is, which is truly elegant. It's been exactly along the lines of what I had hoped for."

Portman was also pleased that the French fashion and beauty house took into account what's important to her. Portman, who is a vegan, notes that Dior made all of her shoes with no animals and no leather. Kudos to them! I wonder if we'll see vegan shoes by Dior in the marketplace anytime soon? Hmmm...

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