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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Rain boots are a popular item! More often that not, they are most highly demanded in the Spring depending on your geographical location but rain boots just never go out of style.. they are always here.. always present.. always relevant! They do, however, evolve.. I remember when rain boots were just that.. rain boots! Solid in color, no real fashion appeal! Over the last few years, rain boots have been upgraded by the wonderful world of fashion! We now see polka dot rain boots, argyle rain boots, stripe rain boots.. the patterns are simply endless!

Valentino has produced a lace inspired rain boot, which is pictured above. Is this un-chartered territory? Yes and No. I say "no" only because others, like Chooka, have produced a lace rain boot. Their lace pattern is exploded and feels very random to me. I suppose this is all indicative of the price, which is $60. Nevertheless, I answer "yes" mostly because Valentino is in a league of their own and no other lace rain boot can dare touch this one. From the lace pattern to its placement, from the printed scale to its clean pull-on finish, Valentino is triumphant! The lace wellington boot is going to run you $295 and is available at Neiman Marcus. Whether you can splurge or steal depends on your pocket book but whatever you do, make sure you keep with the trend!

THE TREND: Make a statement with your rain boots! Try a new novely pattern! Leave the polka dots and stripes behind. Transform your wardrobe by adding a great lace to your rain boot!

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