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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well, it's official.. Season 2 of Basketball Wives has ended and it ended with quite a bang! Not to worry for all you die-hards out there, season 3 will premiere in June. For the reunion special, these women were serving up FAB in large doses. I just can't get over how GREAT Tami looked! This show is proof that with a great makeup artist, a great wardrobe stylist and spanx.. anything is possible! 

I could comment on the hilarity that is the show.. however, my focus is on fashion so I'll leave it at that. Christian Loubotuin was the most prevalent designer during the show. Several ladies were rocking the red sole and looked great doing so.. Here are a few pics for your fashion enjoyment!

Evelyn was wearing Louboutin's 'Change of Guard' platform stiletto. This, of course, is a popular shoe. I blogged about it a few months ago when Kim Kardashian and Nick Minaj was spotted rocking the black and mint green versions. I loved seeing her in the pink/orange color combo. It looked great against her bronzed skin. She may be full of 'tude but she has great style!

Shaunie was rocking a very eclectic shoe. At first glance, albeit quickly, I thought it was a leopard shoe but when I saw it up close, I was blinded by all the crystals and studs. Ok.. not really blinded but this shoe looks EXACTLY like a shoe from 'The House of Gasoline Glamour' collection. However, I was JUST discussing this shoe with a colleague that works for VH1 and they told me this shoe is from her shoe line that will be making it's debut very soon. In either case, it is definitely a statement piece!

Ashley is wearing Chrisitian Louboutin 'Rainbow Swarovski' platform heel. This is from his Fall 2010 collection.

Jennifer is wearing the EXACT same shoe as Ashley only in a different color scheme.
Tami! Tami! Tami! She definitely gets my vote for MOST IMPROVED! Loved the hair! Loved the makeup! She rocked a pair of 'Stuart Weitzman' open toe, animal platform pumps and looked uber HAUTE doing so.
Gloria, as most of her peers, decided to sport Louboutin. Can you blame her? You just can't go wrong with him! She looked great! Loved the dress and accessories!



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