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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Eva Longoria seems to favor Coach's new 'KRISTIN' bag. The KRISTIN collection is an assortment of innovative leathers and clean lines. The Kristin collection launched in 2009 and is most known for its clean and effortless appeal, possessing many Coach qualities without having the Coach signature logo. The colors used for this collection are soft and elegant, including shades of coral, blush pink, ivory, pebble grey and burnished amber.

Not just simple leather, the bags are given different finishes for optimum dimension and appeal, including fresh color blocking, embossed exotics, and rich glazed leather. The above pictured bag is made from a premium cowhide. Reef leather naturally has a more solid and structured body that lends itself to a smooth, clean look and handfeel. It is available for $698 at Coach.

Coach is definitely stepping it up with their 'KRISTIN' line! I have to be honest.. I was starting to sleep on their bags. They seemed to be more whimsical and less luxe. Every season, they seemed to be more and more about their "novelty" monogram bags and "the look" was becoming increasingly overwhelming. I'm excited to know they are revisiting the classic, chic, svelte and luxe designs that made them a cult sensation within the handbag community.

Kudos to Coach.

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