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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Here's a look at Nicholas Kirkwood's Spring 2011 line! While NK is one of my favorite shoe designers, his collection is MUCH different from what I'm seeing with other Spring 2011 lines. Neon brights and pop colors are slated to be huge yet somehow they have escaped this collection. Now by no means does that mean that this collection is lacking.. that--it is not! However, it feels more like a fall collection to me. Kirkwood features new design elements such as wooden asymmetrical heels, tassels and plexi heels. Some of the pieces register on my fab-o-meter as a HIT and others I feel.. are a total MISS!

You guys know that I'm a stiletto heel kind of girl.. the thinner.. the taller.. the BETTER! So it has taken me a while to really wrap my mind around the thick, chunky wood heel that the fashion industry has been trying to force feed since they were on the runway at Balenciaga's show. SN: If you have ever questioned the influence of Balenciaga, here you have it! 

With that being said, I'm really NOT feeling Kirkwood's interpretation of the chunky heel. When I see them, I feel like I'm channeling my inner grandma but I am sooooo in LOVE with everything else! The architecture of the shoes.. the play on high's & low's of color.. the eclectic heels..

Check out the collection below and judge for yourself!  

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