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Thursday, January 13, 2011


When you think bright, bold, multi colors--your fashion guide usually channels a la Spring/Summer. However, colorful scarves are the season MUST HAVE! Hear me loud and clear: Colorful scarves have crossed seasonal lines!! They're not just for Spring and Summer anymore!

Yes, it's winter and it's cold but that doesn't mean you can't have color in your wardrobe!!! I know.. I know.. winter brings the darker colors from your closet but this is the perfect time to splash some color around your neck! No matter where your budget falls, there are colorful scarves EVERYWHERE! From Neiman Marcus to Forever 21, there is something to your liking! And remember: The brighter, the better! Pink! Aqua! Lilac! Orange! GET COLORFUL!!

Oh and if you are loving Zoe's boots the way that I am.. they are from Tory Burch's latest Fall collection! How fab? Mmm.. Loves them!

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