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Sunday, November 28, 2010


The "sky-heel" is entering the ring at an amazing 9" inches!! The height is so extreme that numerous manufacturers refused to make it. However, things have changed.. The sky high heel is set to make it's debut in 2011 and I suppose we have Lady Gaga to thank for this.

The sky heel will be available in a sparkly red or gold and will be available in stores for under $100. A spokesman for the firm said the design was inspired “by the catwalk, for the sidewalk”. He added: “The Sky Heel was fuelled by customer demand to mimic the celebrity look. We’ve seen the five-inch and six-inch, and we’ve even seen the seven-inch heel. The trend is bigger, bigger, bigger – and the Sky Heel is the biggest of them all.”

Will you be running out to get this shoe once it hit stores?

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