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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Shoenista’s STEER CLEAR!! There is nothing fabulous about the new Jordan VIII. I can appreciate the design initiative but the execution failed miserably. When I first saw this shoe, many questions came to mind but chief among them: WHY?? And as a close second: Where exactly would you wear this shoe? It certainly is not conducive to any type of sport and you’re definitely not wearing this out for a night on the town... at least, I hope not! It just doesn’t work. If you are going for a casual look, there is a better way to do it. You can’t mix oil with water and the same is true for a sneaker and stiletto. But, if for some unknown reason, you absolutely love this shoe… it can still be yours for $99 at Kicks Bay.


  1. Ewww!! This is just wrong for so many different reasons!

  2. The "air" in these Jordan's just ain't flying in style for me personally. But you can't please every one all the time (esp. in the fashion world). Get back to the drawing board, Jordan designers.

  3. My Personal opinion...This shoe is definately not for me...but I feel that the younger crowd and maybe a different taste in style from mine may feel this is fabulous...I honestly thought the shoe was horrid but couldn't argue with my niece when she begged me to look these shoes up...all of the high school girls are in love with I feel that it depeneds on the taste in style...and also the definately wouldn't be in my closet but for a popular junior in the top of her class...these shoes are eye stoppers in the high school halls...Hey I long as you like it...and you are confident...ROCK IT!...MAKE A STATEMENT! NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE!;)