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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tamara Mellon has quit Jimmy Choo. The entrepreneur, who founded the footwear and accessories brand in 1996 along with former cobbler Jimmy Choo has stepped down as Chief Creative Officer of the company following its takeover and integration with private Italian luxury goods group Labelux.

The 44-year-old who ceased to have any financial interest in the group after its $800 million acquisition in May is set to be followed out of the company by current Chief Executive Joshua Schulman, who will complete a transition phase into 2012. Since Tamara and Jimmy set up the business, it has grown from being a small company to a global brand, which sells handbags, scarves and fragrances, among other luxury items.

 "Keeping innovation and energy flowing is key. I dreamed of creating the perfect luxury accessory house, one that captures the hearts of women around the world. Even now with everything that we have accomplished we are far from resting on our laurels, what excites me most is the thrill of the next project, the next idea. While I am enormously proud of our brand's heritage, I know the best is yet to come," she said.

As a visionary and entrepreneur, it always saddens me to see founders ousted from the companies they launched.. Fortunately, once you have discovered the formula to success, you are able to recreate it over and over again.. Best of luck, Ms. Mellon.. you can never keep a FAB down!

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