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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


These colorful, tribal-esque pumps are from Christian Dior's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. This collection consists of BOLD statement pieces and you really need to know what you're doing, in order to pull this shoe off successfully! At first glance, a few of the pieces may appear a little scary! You have bright colors... on top of pattern... that's placed on top of texture... and then it's all topped off with feathers. Oh my! Nevertheless, I can see where Dior was going with the concept and I do believe, they arrived there safely! Albeit, their is a lot happening, it works! It is a piece of art that is worn on the foot! I'm voting SOLE HOT!

Share your thoughts. How do you feel about Dior Summer/Spring 2011. Sole hot or Sole not?

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