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Monday, February 28, 2011


One of Hollywood's biggest nights took place at the Kodak Theatre this past evening. The 83rd Academy Awards brought out the ELITE members of Hollywood, as they payed homage to themselves and celebrated their peers. Let me just first say, the show was rather mundane and by mundane I mean boring. Is it just me or did the show seem unbearably long? If it weren't for the red carpet fab.. I'm pretty certain that I would have divorced award shows long ago..

Nevertheless, the stars came out in all of their GLITZ and GLAM for Hollywood's most celebrated night yet somehow.. I found myself underwhelmed by the dresses that entered the red carpet. Of course, I have my faves. I think Mila Kunis looked breath-taking in her Elie Saab gown. Halle Berry was also radiant in her Marchesa gown.. I don't care what anyone says about Halle, what relationship problems she may have had, how crazy people try to suggest that she is.. she NEVER disappoints on the red carpet! She always.. always.. looks flawless!

I'm going to do something different with this fashion recap... It's a new year! Let's do a new thing! Instead of highlighting my best dressed choices because I truly didn't have much to work with... I'm going to highlight the biggest trends of the night. Be sure to comment and let me know which OSCAR trend you love the most!




Last but not least, I am so excited about Jennifer Hudson and her weight-loss. She looks absolutely AMAZING and I am so proud of her. HOWEVER... I'm really disappointed to see her in this tangerine Versace gown. Who fit this dress for her? I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say this dress was draped on a fit model and not actually Jen, herself. Or maybe this dress was a last minute pull.. Yes! Yes! That has to be it because CLEARLY it is not fitting her in the bust area. I can say with reasonable certainty that the empire seam should have been raised or either her stylist should have taped her boobs to accomodate the design of the dress. That hair was also ATROCIOUS! Sorry Jen.. you're much to fab for this! The sweep up-do.. with the pompadour-esque height.. with the long 'Shirley Temple' ponytail that goes down her back? Ummm... would it be appropriate to ask: Where they do that at? Oh wait.. here in Hollywood! *shakes head* #FashionFail


  1. I love this color!!!! I even love the fabric...but the lacefront bird nest is awful. I wont even get on her boobs being a lighter color...and almost falling out of the gown. They are not falling because she is top heavy but because the gown doesn't fit. If she can't rock tangerine in a gown better than this maybe she should try the

  2. Lol. I completely agree with you! I love the color but the dress just does not fit. OMG!! I hadn't even noticed that her boob were a diff color? How did I miss that? Lol.