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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ready or not.. SUMMER IS HERE! And what better way is there to bring in summer, other than with an ultra chic straw fedora hat! Of course the fedora is nothing new, per se.. We've seen this hat year after year... summer after summer. However, it remains one of those seasonal pieces that will always have its moment to shine.

This season, the fedora has been updated by adding a splash of color around the brim. Traditionally, we have seen the natural straw fedora with the wide black band and this look is still in style [See Jennifer Hudson]. So don't fret if you've picked up a traditional fedora in the last few weeks.. it is not out dated! If you have one from last year.. by all means, pull it out... but don't be limited to the neutral colors!

Have fun with your wardrobe and splash color on your hat! [See Beyonce & Eva Longoria]. Always remember to let the band color of the hat, accent your ensemble! Do you see yourself wearing this trend? Drop me a comment and share your thoughts..

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