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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hey Shoenista's.. I know it's not even summer yet but I have a SNEAK PEEK of Christian Louboutin's Fall 2011 collection! Prepare yourself for a complete and total MELTDOWN my fabs..

This collection is filled with studs, texture, metallic colors, lace, tweed, fur, buckles and suede. I think I am going to be living off bread and water to finance my love of this collection! I am BEYONDDD obsessed with the ALEX, the OULANBATOR, the HELMOUR, the DAFFODILE, the FIFI, the PUCK, and the METALIPP! They are all my MUST HAVES for the Fall season! As I've said before, it is really going to take some time for me to warm up to the thick, chucky heels. In my Dwight voice from RHOA, "Ohhh.. how dreadful!" Lol. I'm a stilleto kinda girl.. the thinner, the taller... the better! Then again, this just shows you the influence of Balenciaga because they definitely spearheaded the chunky heel movement.

Nevertheless, which pieces do you love? Which do you loathe? What are your thoughts on Louboutin’s fall collection so far?

Ready.. Set.. Fall in LOVE!


Tootsie Booty Christian Louboutin Fall 2011
Trotitella Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Leopard

Christian Louboutin Alex Lion Pump

Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Metalipp  blue suede pump

Lady Fur Brown Christian Louboutin Fal 2011

Louboutin Fall 2011 Splash Fur embellished platform slingback


Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Puck fur boot
Christian Louboutin Fifi Fall 2011 leopard sequin pump
FIFIChristian Louboutin Fall 2011 Fifi pink sequin pump

Christian Loubourin Supervic Strass Fall 2011
1EN8 Christian Louboutin Tweed pump Fall 2011

1EN8 Christian Louboutin Lace Pump Fall 2011
Glitter Bibi pump Christian Louboutin Fall 2011

Christian Louboutin Daffodile Strass

Christian Louboutin two-tone diamond python platform pump
Lady Peep Sling googly eyes Christian Louboutin Fall 2011

Very Mix red strass Christian Louboutin Fall 2011
Christian Louboutin Bambou green suede peep-toe platform pump Fall 2011
BAMBOU (Also available in red, purple & brown)
Christian Louboutin Bambou brown peep-toe platform pump Fall 2011
Bambou (LEATHER)
Helmour nude patent Christian Louboutin Fall 2011

Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle Fall 2011

Christian Louboutin Oulanbator Fall 2011


Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 stud and buckle boot

Christian Louboutin green suede glitter pump Fall 2011
Christian Louboutin purple suede glitter pump Fall 2011

Christian Louboutin black toe-cap houndstooth boot fal 2011

  Christian Louboutin crystal web sandal Fall 2011

Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 pump

Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 blue suede woven peep-toe pump

Christian Louboutin wood platform leopard bootie Fall 2011

Gold toe cutout PIgalle pump Chrisitan Louboutin 2011

Christian Louboutin studded pump Fall 2011
Christian Louboutin studded brown pump Fall 2011
Black patent pump with crystal heel cap Christian Louboutin Fall 2011
Metallic silver patent pump with crystal heel cap Christian Louboutin Fall 2011

Christian Louboutin cork platform sandal with ankle wrap Fall 2011


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