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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Giuseppe Zanotti $1,450

Ahhh.. admist the hustle and bustle of summer.. Fall fashions are hitting the store! I love the summertime.. Truly, I do.. but I sooooo look forward to Fall! Dressing in Fall fashions really seperates the fashionista from the fashion fail.. It requires thought and unquestionable style to layer and pair your ensemble.  Summertime is relatively easy but Fall, not so much. I always have a jump on what will be hot in the coming seasons because that's how the fashion industry works. I see conceptual collections and trend reports about a year before it actually hits stores.

One thing that will be big for Fall is the detail: golden hardware. Is this new? Not really.. Gucci has had it on the runway for the last few seasons but I think it is really going to explode with footwear designers for Fall 2012. The Zanotti boot that is pictured above is a great example of how this detail will shut the shoe game down for the upcoming season. The golden plate is covering a lot of square footage. Lol. More so, than usual.. It appears to be less than a simple aesthetic detail. It is prime real estate ON the shoe. Dare I say, the FOCAL POINT of the shoe.

Will you be wearing golden hardware on your feet this Fall?

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