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Thursday, January 5, 2012

SHOE COLLAB: Perez Hilton + Shoedazzle

Perez Hilton has joined the queue of celebs wanting to try their hand at footwear design and has created two exclusive styles for Shoedazzle. The shoes: a pair of silver hi-top trainers and a wild studded party heel are both being sold for a non-profit, as 100% of proceeds will benefit Gay equality charity Stonewall. 
As you'd expect from the flamboyant Perez there is a lot of sparkle and shine going on in both designs. The unisex trainer (which he is wearing in the photo above) is made from high shine metallic, with silver-toned studs and decorative zip detailing around the edges for an extra dazzle.

I'm not a big Perez Hilton fan and really feel that Shoedazzle could have found someone else to make a design debut. When I heard about this collaboration, I immedately gave the blank stare but now that I have seen the product, I must be honest.. I don't hate the two styles.

1 comment:

  1. It is indeed a very cute shoes. Although I am not a fan of those studs and glittery thing, I find it very stylish and cute!